Feb. 22, 2023

Episode 3: I Need Him To Spank Me / An Average Man

Episode 3: I Need Him To Spank Me / An Average Man

Two stories for the price of one this week. The first is about spanking, and the second is about the vulnerability and the affirmation he gets from being her Dom. 
Transcript over at WrittenInKink.com

Two stories for the price of one this week. The first is about spanking, and the second is about the vulnerability and the affirmation he gets from being her Dom. 

Transcript over at WrittenInKink.com 

I Need Him To Spank me
You lie in bed with Daddy, as his hands - strong and nimble - run over the curves your body. It's like he's physically shaping you into your true, submissive form.
Your brain slips away from your job, your family, your friends, and your stresses, and your skin glows under the force of his palms.
Just as it seems as you're about to sink into the sands of relaxation - he reminds you.
You were naughty.
You played without asking him first.
You remember now. Last night. Daddy was away. Fuck.
And so the duality of a sub's brain begins:
Dammit (Yes!) I hoped he'd forgotten (I'm so pleased he remembered!)
I hope he won't hit too hard (I can't wait to show him what a brave girl I am)
The beautiful contradiction. You say one thing out loud, but he can read the truth in your eyes.
I'm sorry Daddy, Please don't spank me, you say with your voice. (I need it, you say with your eyes )
It's going to hurt me (I need it)
I won't do it again (I need it)
Please let me off (Jesus I'm already wet. I NEED it)
Daddy listens to your pleadings with a soft but resolved face. One hand pushes at the centre of your back, as the other pulls down your underwear. The message is clear: STAY
Your panties are red. Daddy's favourite colour. Soon, your skin will match it.
Daddy rubs your cheeks and calmly explains what's about to happen. You hate the tension (you feel so alive) and wish he'd just fucking get it over with (you savour every dreamy second) You know the rules, you must ask to play.
You did it on purpose.
Now you must be punished.
You don't remember when you stopped breathing but now you notice you're completely still. The tender and loving rubbing has stopped. The warmth of his hand is gone. Can only mean--
His hand beats against your skin and it stings. You hate (love) it and moan in pain (bliss)
The pain rips through your body and your cunt welcomes it, weeping. Your skin hums with energy and hunger.
I'm sorry Daddy, I won't do it again. No more. Please.
(More. Fuck. More)
His hand gently rubs the sting and lifts again. It seems a longer beat. Maybe he won't do it again. You are about to lift your head --
This one was either harder, or just more punishing for raw and beaten skin.
Ok, you're done now. Please stop.
(More. Hurt me Daddy).
He rubs again. The contradiction of the sub, matched by that of Daddy. Such tenderness and care between each brutal strike.
Your cunt pounds and you cry out. At the first slap you might have cared if flatmates could hear.
Now, you don't give a fuck. Your heart races.
Have you had enough, little one?
Yes Daddy. No more (More. More. MORE)
Daddy answers with three quick hits, and then kisses the ass cheek almost - but not quite - apologetically.
From there, he glides up the curve of your spine, to the back of your neck.
He turns your head, and kisses the red lipstick off your face. His dick throbs against you
I've learned my lesson Daddy. I'm so sore. I won't do it again (I will get him to spank me again before the end of the night --)
An Average Man 
I am an Average Man
I'm uncommon in some ways, but I'm not special. I'm an average man, with an average job and average intelligence. To interact with me is, I'm sure, perfectly pleasant. But I never feel unique.
Except the moment my fingers push into her cunt.
Don't get me wrong. I'm not stupid. I'm not offensive. I'm not obtuse.
I am simply ordinary. I am mediocre. I have achieved everything in the proper order, and on time, without ruffling any feathers. Without inconveniencing anyone with anything so obnoxious as talent.
We are legion, we average men. Dutiful in fulfilling our obligations, relieved to have avoided sub-par. We celebrate the lack of things to celebrate, as we plod past our birthdays, avoiding risk and ignoring the lies regarding our "potential".
We are happy.
Except when she squirms on my lap as if my mere presence is too much to absorb.
Except when I nibble her ear and she squeaks into mine.
Except when she drops to her knees, this extraordinary woman, and opens her mouth in the hope I'll fill it for her.
Except when I spank her, and tears pool in her eyes and she tells me she's sorry. That I belong to her. Except when her nipples harden on my tongue. Except when her breathing changes when I call her my slut. Except when she sucks my thumb and moans a sound she cannot hear.
Except when she bends over the bed and waits for me to use her. Except when she gags on my cock. Except when her fingernails sink into my ass cheeks as my balls slap against her chin.
Except when my voice directs her immediately into sub space. Except when she lowers onto my dick and I stretch her. Except when she says that name. My special name. My true name.
Except when she calls me Daddy. One name gasped in a hundred ways to convey a thousand chaotic emotions.
Except when my cum floods her cunt, and she clenches around me, obsessed with every drop. Treasuring any part of me I choose to leave inside her.
Except how her smile hurts her cheeks when she hears the way I growl and lose control. Except when I kiss her forehead.
Except when I carry her to the bed.
I am an average man.
I live average days in an average week over an average year. I am a dime a dozen. Always will be.
Except with her.
Except when she sleeps on my chest. Except when I stroke her hair. Then I am not average.
Then I am special.
Then I am her King.