March 23, 2023

Episode 4: Lie to me / His favourite head

Episode 4: Lie to me / His favourite head

The first - a look in the Dom's mind. His vulnerability. How he is empowered by her. 
The second - a run down of his favourite kind of blow jobs from her. 
As ever - all stories are between consenting adults.

The first - a look in the Dom's mind. His vulnerability. How he is empowered by her. 

The second - a run down of his favourite kind of blow jobs from her. 


As ever - all stories are between consenting adults. 


Lie to me: 

It's all a lie. I'm a lie. The idea that I am the strong, wise, confident Dom. That I could ever truly earn your submission. That I'm anything more than a broken man, pulling myself through life, one average day at a time. Your Dom. Your Daddy.
Lie to me.
Lie to me with your eyes. Large and loving, staring at me, waiting for approval. Making me feel powerful.
Lie to me with your heart. Make it race when you hear my voice. Lie to me with your thighs, drifting open for me as if commanded just by my presence.
Lie to me.
Lie to me with your cunt. Wet and empty and throbbing. Writhe with desperation as if my touch is the only thing between you and madness.
Lie to me with your voice. Call me Daddy and tell me that your cunt is my property.
Lie to me
Pretend I control your mind. That you need my dominance to find peace. Live in my circle, and make me a king.
Banish my doubt and self loathing from our room, lie to me as my cock pushes into your ass and swear out loud. Lie to me with the hand marks on your body.
Lie to me.
Ride my dick, grind your hips and scream. Lie to the neighbours who can hear that no one can fuck you like I do. That your cunt can't abide a single inch away from me.
Whimper for me.
Beg me.
Submit to me.
Lie to me.
Your beautiful body, your extraordinary mind. Use them both to paint me as mighty and strong and confident and worthy of your worship.
Let me see that canvas and lie to myself that it's real. Make me forget that I have no right even being in the same room as you.
Lie. To. Me.
And what a beautiful lie. I want it. I need it. It's everything. It makes me tall. It makes me fly. And my absolute favourite thing about it?
You don't even know it's a lie.
You don't even know it's a lie.
The blow jobs 
1. The servant blow job: You're slow & tender. Welcoming me home like a weary warrior. Kissing my neck & pushing me into my chair. You don't want anything from me. You just want to kiss me there. Worship me there. To let me drain myself into your pretty face, before I rest.
2. The desperate blow job. Tipsy & horny, you scratch at my thigh and fumble at my belt. Pouting, you're a spoiled girl desperate to get you want, not caring how pathetic you look.
You're my obsessed, cock-hungry whore & will know no peace until Daddy's cum warms your throat.
3. The public blow job: When Daddy wants you, he has you. Might be in the bathroom of a pub or against a tree on the walk home. You know your place, & sink to your knees when his hunger demands it.
Sometimes you worry people will see.
But you're proud, and often hope they do.
4. The Daddy can't control his day, but he can control you, blow job.
Your favourite. When I come home and nothing went my way. When I'm frustrated and beaten and on the edge of crippling self doubt. When I walk through the door and feel smaller. Fragile.
And you smile at me.
It's like flicking a switch. I stride towards you and in three steps I've reclaimed my full height.
You back against the wall and meekly rest a resistant hand on my chest. I'm all you can see.
With one hand I push you to your knees and with the other I undo my fly.
There is no warning or instruction. I take my hard cock out and force it into your face. You open your mouth and moan in faint protest when I hit the back of your throat.
You're trying to push me back to control my force but you're small and I'm huge and you pushed the button.
I grunt and growl and take your hair in my hand as I fuck your face. My balls crash against your chin and you feel utterly used and overwhelmed. Your head hits the wall with each thrust and tears pool in your eyes and you blink them free so they stream down your cheeks.
I speed up and I taunt you. I ask you if you want me to stop. I practically dare you to admit it's too much.
And your hand stops trying to push back.
You fix me with a brattish look.
And you put both hands around me onto my ass. And pull me into your slutty face.
The shift in power robs me of my control and I throw all my weight and frustration into your face and you take it like a good girl. You've let Daddy off the chain and as your throat is fucked raw, you soak your underwear and whimper onto my dick as I come.
A few final violent thrusts and you drink your Daddy's pain right out of him.
He pulls you to your feet and kisses you.
Thank you, baby. That's my favourite as well.