Jan. 23, 2023

Welcome to Written in Kink

Welcome to Written in Kink

Welcome to Written In Kink - A blog and audio from some British bloke.

Welcome to Written In Kink - A blog and audio from some British bloke. 


Welcome to Written In Kink 

Hello all, and welcome! My name is JM Seaborn and this is Written In Kink.

What is Written In Kink? Or "WinK" as I have started to affectionately call it? Well, I guess it's a blog and a podcast. A place to continue to write kinky stories and read them aloud for you to hopefully enjoy.  A place to collect my work, such as it is, and house it under my own roof, free from the clutches of moody billionaires. 

For those of you coming from Twitter, you will know that I have been writing about a particular, mostly fictional couple and sharing their kinky journey together. Through them I have been exploring power dynamics, masculinity, love, pain, loss, longing, and fulfilment, as well as a whole bunch of filth. I have become very fond and protective of them, I must say. For sure, we will continue to visit them in many different guises. 

The plan is for these stories to be put into your podcast feed, along with a transcript, as well as published here on the blog. I am very much finding my feet with it all, so please bear with me and feel free to let me know what you think by using the contact page, or on Twitter where I am @JMSeaborn and @WrittenInKink 

Apart from that, I want Written in Kink to be a place that's just mine. To explore whatever my brain latches onto. To have a conversation with you, right here, in my own little corner of the internet. My chalk on the sidewalk. I'm really excited about it, and I hope you will join me for the ride.

The first story will be published next week and should be found in all the usual podcatching avenues.  

Thanks so much for reading. Speak soon, kinky fuckers.