May 12, 2023

Episode 5: Welcome to the Circle / The Pub

Episode 5: Welcome to the Circle / The Pub

Sorry for the delay folks. Two stories, the first is about the special dynamic created between the two people within their dynamic, and the second is a public play adventure. 
Transcript available at the website

Sorry for the delay folks. Two stories, the first is about the special dynamic created between the two people within their dynamic, and the second is a public play adventure. 


Transcript available at the website 



The Circle

You come to me with the busiest of minds. Worries are loaded onto you by the tonne, and each step becomes more and more difficult to complete.
You're the strongest person I know. But even you need help.
Let Daddy help.
I can't solve any of your problems. You'll do that, on your own, in your own time
You come to me for something else. Something that many men would love to try and give you, because they lust after your body, and your body is all they want.
But you need me in your mind.
Others might wonder how you're helped by having your power and agency stripped from you.
They can't see. I'm not stripping it.
I couldn't. You're too strong.
I wouldn't. You're too precious.
No. You're going to give me your power and your agency. And I shall treasure it while I complete the task you require of me.
You need me to take control of The Circle.
The Circle is the perimeter of your life in which the "normal" you inhabits.
All your stresses, all the people who rely on you, all the people who attack you, all the places you're meant to be, all the tasks you're meant to complete.
They all exist within a large Circle
Its boundaries are geographical, invisible, and emotional. Your busy mind patrols it every minute of every day. It's exhausting.
You need quiet. Rest. Just for the night.
Come here, baby.
The clothes you wear to work are torn off & thrown to the ground. You've forgotten them before they even hit the floor
The voice you use to challenge your boss is caught under my palm when I choke your throat
Work tasks fall out if your head when my fingers push into your cunt
The Circle contracts. It no longer includes your work.
You're spread out on the bed for my admiration. I can see every part of you. A flush of shame pulses through your cheeks, heart & clit
Then it's gone. The list of things you hate about your body is long
But right now, you couldn't name a single one. I'm going to feast upon you.
The Circle contracts. It no longer includes your body issues.
You look up at me as I remove my belt. In a moment you'll look at my big chest. Knowing you'll bite it when my weight crushes you
Then you'll look at my dick. Needing it inside you
But first, it's my eyes
The hunger. The delight. The fact that I'm clearly having to hold back.
There are times when you foolishly doubt how I see you. Wonder about our relationship. Wonder about my love.
But not now. Now you can see I'm doing everything I can not to completely rip you to pieces with desire. That you're the centre of the known universe.
The Circle contracts. You no longer doubt my desire for you
In The Circle, you can be free. Your task is to please Daddy, be used by Daddy.
Be stretched, filled, bruised, and taunted by Daddy.
To be driven mad as I withhold orgasms from you. And then madder still as I drown you in orgasm after orgasm until you feel like you'll pass out
The world will wait. The stresses will wait.
But I've thrown that bulk away for the night to let you float. My brave warrior woman, and my dirty little slut.
I'm in complete control. Tonight you will worship me.
But it was your Circle before.
It's your Circle now.
Just as I was yours before and I am yours now.
The things we will do tonight will calm your mind and hurt your body. The effects of both will be felt for days.
Welcome to the Circle.
The Pub 
You're out with a group of friends, dressed in that red dress you know Daddy likes. He can't see you, but it makes you smile, imagining the look he'd have on his face if he could. Eyes will move over you all night, but none of them will be him.
you all settle in a loud, crowded pub. Men coast by the table and receive short shrift. Your friends are all taken by vanilla boys, and you? Well you have a Daddy. Not one approaching boy has been able to dull the urge of checking your phone for him.
Your phone lights up. It's Daddy. Finally. He chooses a simple task to amuse him, knowing you're out: take your underwear off, and send a picture - he writes
Your face flushes and your heart picks up, and you wonder if your friends can tell that a switch has been flipped.
You make your way to the bathroom. Your cunt is already slick, and your breath is already shallow. You want to complete your task and be told you're a good girl. You pass a dark table on the right on the way to the bathroom and your arm is gripped.
You spin, ready to wriggle free, until you realise: it's Daddy.
So much of your communication is done in text, so you are immediately reminded of his sheer size. He towers over you, his frame blocking everything else in view. You feel so small.
His hand still firm on your arm, he pulls you from the crowd and to a corner table. He moves you effortlessly, your feet almost lift off the ground.
He sits on the table and you stand before him. Still not one word has been said. But he makes one gesture. He pats his knee.
You move forward and start to turn so you can sit down on his knee. But his hands reach out, grab your hips, and pull you forward. You face him now, straddling his thigh. Both aware of how crowded the pub is, and completely disinterested in all other people. All other things
You lean forward to kiss him but his hand takes your throat and holds your head in place. The pressure is firm and commanding. You gasp and your cunt weeps. It weeps through your already wet underwear and onto Daddy's jeans. You see him smile.
Daddy shifts his leg under you and gives your needy cunt the taste of friction it craves. You move your hips without thinking and look at Daddy for permission. He nods. so you grind some more
The crowd bustles around you, and you think it's too dark for people to see. You think.
Your eyes dart around and see people drinking and laughing. No one can see the little girl being slow-choked by her Daddy as she drenches his leg. Not yet.
Your knees shake and your breathing grows more laboured as Daddy increases the pressure on your throat.
our nipples stiffen and you're sure would be visible for anyone to see. And that's when Daddy moves his free hand under your dress, around your panties, and brushes playfully above your clit.
Up until then, you'd controlled your noises.
But now - you moan.
Daddy's large and skilful hand has somehow made your starving cunt even greedier. Your clit throbs at the sudden but fleeting attention. And you grind against Daddy's knee with humiliating desperation.
Daddy has been enjoying the spectacle of you so far, but now wants more control. Still pinning you by the throat, he pushes a finger inside you. You have to lift your cunt slightly to let him in, and your shaking legs hold you in the spot you need.
You look to the side and you see a man meet eye contact with you. He's notices. His friend talks to him, but he holds his pint and watches you. You blush and your cunt thumps again. And just when you think you should warn Daddy of the audience, he pushes another finger into you.
Daddy is 6'4. His hands are not small, and so two fingers stretch you. You are still moving your hips, but he now controls the rhythm. His thumb pushing above your clit and circling to tease it as his fingers switch angle and push hard and up.
He growls and you whimper.
The man is still watching and now so is his friend. You think you should stop but as the orgasm gathers across your body, you know you have no control. You push your hips into Daddy's hand and his big strong fingers push from inside to work with his thumb on your clit.
So with Daddy squeezing your throat, you ride his hand and drench it. You're right at the tipping point and that's when Daddy leans forward and whispers into your ear:
"Your cunt feels so good, Babygirl"
You gasp, and clench, and with one big thrust from his hand, you explode
You come all over his hand. The orgasm rips through your body, both a big wave and a thousand tremors. You know that strangers are watching.
You don't care.
Without thinking, you push your face against his shoulder and bite. You feel Daddy tense from the pressure and you giggle
You rest there a moment and then look at Daddy. He holds his hand in front of you, and you nod, and taste his fingers. He smiles and kisses you on the forehead, before whispering the most important words you need to hear:
"Good girl"
You return to your friends. They ask where you've been. One jokes about how happy you look. Your red cheeks.
Your cunt still hurts from being stretched and you can taste yourself on your tongue. You smile sweetly.
I've been a good girl, you say.